2nd storey

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The baby’s room

As you see I haven’t finished this room yet, the poor babies have no mattresses to sleep on. It is obvious which medicine bottle I cut up for this, basically I chopped it in half and used sticky tape to stick the sides together but the outside in and the inside out so we have a white outside. I will make the mattresses one day, easy to do, just a small piece of cloth sewn into a bag shape and then stuffed and sewed close. I saw some websites recommend using a sponge and then a cloth on top but I know my children the cloth and sponge will go seperate places so I want to keep it together.

The Dining Room

I had some egg cartons so I chopped them up and got the kids to paint them. I think next time if I do this I will use markers because my children love heaping the paint on and it took ages to dry and also the carton got a little soggy.

The chair seat was a scrap of material sewn up with some wadding. The baby dolls sit alright on the seats but bigger dolls need the padding removed so they can sit in the dip part.

The table was a box cut up the sides and covered in paper that Alexander coloured in with his crayons.

Second Floor done, third storey tomorrow when it is my turn to use the computer again.

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Dolls House Furniture Final Storey

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