Emergency Station

September 3, 2011 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

I wish I was creative and could think up these things but alas I am not so I have the internet instead. Back to the No Time for Flashcards blog and this time to make this Milk Carton Fire Station

Now I did adapt this, we didn’t have any Milk Cartons big enough and they would have been better strength wise but I used the empty salada and weetbix boxes instead. I covered them with paper that had been in the end of a roll of wrapping paper and set my son up with red paint and took my daughter to the Dr. When I came home I found this beautifully painted red firestation. My husband did admit that he only filled in the bits that Alexander missed. We decided that since we didn’t have that many fire engines that would fit in the box we would make it multi purpose so out came the blue and white paint. We don’t have a police car as yet (I will have to find a box and some wheels to do that) but the ambulance and firetruck and chief car had fun coming in and out.

Alexander driving the vechicles to an emergency. First he stopped at the red light until I told him that emergency vehicles can carefully go through red lights.

Unfortunately one of the vehicles was in an accident itself – perhaps didn’t go carefully through the red light?

We have had a bit of fun playing with this one. Go to No Time for Flash Cards Blog if you want to make one yourself.


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