Treasure maps

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Alexander has been showing interest in maps recently. He brought home a map he had drawn at preschool the other day so I thought I would further this interest. Yesterday I printed off some maps off the internet, one of the world, Australia and then one of our local neighbourhood and we marked on it our house and two of his friends’ houses.

It was more just for a colouring exercise and just seeing the pictures, I didn’t name any of the countries on the world map though I did point out where Australia was (0k I named one) and then I marked where his grandfather lives in the US and showed how far away that was. On the map of Australia I pointed out how far away his cousins and uncle and aunt live.’

So today we were stuck home again with no car so I printed out another map of our neighbourhood and we were going to follow it and go for a walk, hopefully to the library, a treat drink at the cafe and back home again but as soon as we stepped out it started sprinkled. I walked a bit further umming and ahhing and then we turned back. Emily was in the pram and well protected but Alexander was on his bike and I did have a rain jacket for me but I wasn’t sure it was worth the risk so we headed back home.

So now I had to come up with some ideas. I had found an empty tissue box this morning so I decided to make a treasure box. The kids continued colouring in their maps while I covered the box and then I told them what I had made. I mentioned that the box was empty and so we pulled out the play doh to make money to go in the box.

I hurridly drew up two bad maps of our house (NOT going to show those) – not to scale or rooms in the very correct place but it was the basic idea. I then found 3 containers – 1 a plastic easter egg left over from easter where I folded one map very very very small and put a couple of lollies left over from a party we went to a couple of weeks ago. One tin got apples sliced into it and the map stuck around it and then the treasure box was filled with a book, a crown, a pipe cleaner necklace, a lolly necklace (from same party), some fake and real coins and some musical whistles. I then stashed them around the house and wrote a note about where the first treasure could be found. A house in Alexander’s bedroom.

The egg was hidden in the house and happily opened, lollies eaten.

I gave broad hints to help with the map reading – it was Alexander’s first time and we worked it out together. He discovered the next tin behind the couch. We then sat down to open it and eat the apples and read the next map.

We then followed the map to Emily’s room and found it again behind something.

We then opened the box, read the book, wore the treasures and ate the mini marshmellows in there, then played the instruments which led to me getting out the box of music instruments and us singing and dancing and making lots of noise.

So for lunch I continued the theme and made treasure food. I love recycling ideas and so I gave the kids the same food they had yesterday but with different presentation. I used vegemite to make a cross on the bread, I scooped up circles of avocado, I cut up some carrot to make a cross and boiled some eggs.

We enjoyed “opening” the treasure box ie cracking the eggs and finding the gold within! Lots of fun

I found these two websites with meal ideas but being without car I had to make do with what we had but they were interesting ideas though I am not sure about the banana and bean idea!
Treasure triangles

Treasure map quesadilla

At the end of it all I talked about Jesus being our ultimate treasure.

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