Stained Glass Christmas Craft

November 23, 2011 at 12:55 pm Leave a comment

Having a read of no time for flash cards blog inspired today’s wet weather craft. They did a leaf print but since Alexander is so mad keen on Christmas trees I started Christmas early.

I grabbed the bag if crayons we made by melting and putting in party cases. They didn’t really work so happy to sacrifice to this craft. I whirled them up with my stick blender, instantly regretting it but with hot water all the crayons came off. Unfortunately I dropped the container so it is now cracked so no whirling liquids in it.

Then Emily spread it on the wax paper, we covered it with another piece of wax paper and got out the hot air gun. (It is nearly Christmas – that’s a Christmas lily peeking in at the side of the photo)


Meanwhile Alexander had some thin pieces of crayons which we were turning in a pencil sharpener. Alexander’s first go, slow and not much success. Sharpener a little small and fiddly.


Then he had a turn at the hot air gun.  The gun was better than a hair dryer but Emily ran out of patience probably as she had more shavings to melt than Alexander. Alexander did a good job of persisting.


Then I drew some basic pictures on card, sticky taped wax paper on ( be careful wax fragile). Then up on window.

This is Alexander’s tree


and this is Emily’s bell…


They look nicer with more light but still November rain here. A messy craft but fun and I think we will do it again.


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