Noah’s Ark

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Emily received 2 Noah’s ark for her birthday, one her birthday cake and the other a wall hanging.  I cannot find one camera in this house and so I haven’t taken any photos of the wall hanging yet, that will come in the next post.  This is the photo of the cake I made.

I read this blog for ideas on creating the shape.  I ended up baking 2 slab cakes.  One a red velvet cake for the ark and the other a blue/green banana cake for the water/grass.  I coloured it green in case I ran out of icing or time to ice it and then it was already coloured.  Next time I think I will use WAY less colouring.  I coloured it blue first and then Emily said she wanted green so ahem a bit too much colouring went in which coloured everything for the next few days.

I put them both in the freezer on Friday after they cooled enough (wrapping them in glad wrap).

Saturday morning I pulled the red velvet cake out and cut it into sort of 3rds.  I say sort of because the last 3rd that was left over was not quite as large as the first two but that was the plan.

I used tofutti to make a “cream cheese” icing to put them together and then started cutting.

I tried for a slightly rounded diamond with blunt ends.

Emily is watching and “helping”, telling us how to make it.

From the last bit of cake I hadn’t used I cut a square to be the cabin on top.  I made brown tofutti icing (I used 2 tubs of tofutti, 120g of dairy free butter (nuttalex) and 2 cups of icing sugar – I split it into 2 bowls and turned one brown and the other blue) and covered the ark.  I then passed it over to my friend who with direction from Emily placed the animals.  I decided not to make the animals but bought the icing sugar animals in the supermarket.  Much easier and quicker.

While that was being down I turned my attention to icing the bottom layer, I decided to make it the water and added colouring but tried not to mix too much so I ended up with the white and different shades of blue.

Then the hard part!  Transferring the ark to the water.  I then used the blue icing to lap around the bottom of the ark.

We then used flake to make logs around the ark, we just used a little to give a wooden feeling.  Then onto writing Happy Birthday on the cake board.

Now we are finished!

Now candles – Emily wanted to help place them – that’s her arm with the “bling” she got for her birthday!

Then lighting (the 3 fell over because the icing was getting quite soft by this stage)

Blowing out the candles

And now we are done!

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