How to entertain a sick child

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Alexander has been running a fever on and off over the last few days.  He perks up in the morning and then as the day wears on he gets tireder and tireder and the fever rises.  Not helping is also his lack of interest in food.  We took him to the doctor and he is not on antibiotics but this has thrown out our weekend activities.  Though since it is a rainy day it is not hard to stay snuggled up at home.  We went to the library yesterday on the way home from the doctor because he had some energy and we usually go to the library on Saturdays.

So what to do?

We got in some tv viewing after breakfast but I didn’t want the kids to stay glued to it.

So I wanted something quick while I researched for other ideas so I got out the cheerios and a piece of string and set them to making a necklace.  I didn’t care if they made it or ate it (wanted some food in Alexander).

Alexander was quite patient and worked at his for a while – Emily did a little and ate the rest and then ate what was on the string.

Emily lay on her back and kicked her legs in the air and ate cheerios.

Alexander wanted to show off his necklace, not sure about his smile though.  The necklace is a little smaller now he has been eating it during the morning.

While the children made their necklaces I put together a marble run which is not as polished looking as the one I found on the net but it entertained the kids while I thought up the next few activities.  Their playing got interrupted because “Mister Maker” came on TV (I had set the timer) and we do like watching him make things and being inspired.  I have an idea for tomorrows activity from watching it.

Anway I found the blog post here from Made by Joel

Here we are playing with the marble run – took a few modifications once I actually added the marbles.

Anyway after Mister Maker was finished I pulled out all the duplo/mega blocks we have and dumped them in the play room.  Usually we keep them in the bedrooms for a quiet time activity.  Now my playroom looks like this…

So while Emily I built a house, Alexander built a race track for his animals to run along underneath the tunnel.  It was lovely to see he was concerned for people’s safety (these were bears after all!) he had the lego people safely behind the barriers.

Alexander started to get tired after all this activity and retired back to the couch and I dosed him back up with his medicine.  After a little rest we went up to the table to do some cutting practise and gluing.

We LOVE the two books “I want my hat back” by Jan Klassan and “Little Owl’s Night” by Divya Srinivasan  and when I found this Woodland Pack on 3dinosaurs I had to download it.  I have laminated some to be used over and over but the children enjoyed cutting out the pieces and gluing them back together.  Alexander did a pattern sequencing and some puzzles and Emily and I looked at numbers.  I helped Emily with some of her cutting.

Emily’s number sequencing

Alexander’s patterning and puzzles

That was enough fine motor skills, time to change the activity – painting but I didn’t want a lot of bother of worrying about everything and the children getting paint on them so time for some container marble painting.

I found a plastic food storage container and a round storage container, I lined them with a few layers of old paper used on one side (cut down to size) I then found the paint and the marbles from the marble run and we had fun drumming, rolling, shaking and tipping.

Now shaking time!

Emily’s turn

Here are our beautiful results

Alexander used the lid of the box he shook to make the two prints on the left.

Goodness what a day.  Then some lunch, some TV time, then I reread Little Owl’s Night and I Want my Hat back, cuddles and then to their room for some “quiet” time.  I say quiet time because they did some of their reading on their beds and then ended up building tents in Emily’s room and then out here with me.  I managed to get them to pick up some of the lego with this sorting box (I was going to do a hunt around the house for shapes but just as good for sorting lego)

Notice his necklace now has not many cheerios on it…

Of course he got distracted and we made a marble run with his lego..

Alexander loves mazes at the moment. I did the basic design but he added the tunnels.


Anyway I’m exhausted and we need a break.  The house is a mess as I have spent the morning entertaining the children or using quiet time to write this blog post.

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