Colour Experiments

June 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm 1 comment

This was the other experiment we did over the weekend, Alexander enjoyed doing it at preschool and so we tried it again. I did not set it up as well as I usually do (ie a cover over the table and paint smocks over the kids so Emily ended up a bit splattered with food colouring)

The first experiment was a bit of a bust, I am not sure if it was the container or the euipment. I wanted to try the water one with boats. I had read that it worked with pepper but I wanted to have boat races with the kids. I found one web site which was using bread ties and I found a dusty collection of them and tried but one would work but the others didn’t. Perhaps a square container is better than a round one? Perhaps the bread ties were too bent and so were already breaking the surface tension of the water. We had a few shoot around but it wasn’t the most exciting. Will try again with better bread ties or perhaps boats cut out of card.

If you dipped the tooth pick with detergent at the “back” of the bread tie was (the bit that holds the plastic) they are supposed to shoot across the water.

Anyway onto the next experiment. I bought a small container of whole milk from the shops for this experiment. THe kids got to squeeze drops of food colouring onto the surface. The first time we did it we shared the dish but I ended up giving them a container each to play with. Alexander liked stirring his up so it became quite muddied. We used whole milk the first time but after we ran out we used a combination of rice milk and lite white milk.

This experiment reminded me of marbeling paper when I was a kid so I thought I would give it a try. We used paper towel and also plain computer paper. This was where I should have spread a tablecloth or newspaper across the table to protect us. I had some cake racks ready to dry the paper on.
It turned out quite pretty if the colours weren’t mixed too much, the paper towel soaked up too much.

Add the milk

The food colouring

Now using a toothpick (or match) dip in washing up liquid and then drop in the milk and watch the colours dance

And then start again

Next time I might try and do two containers of detergent so they don’t have to fight over it.

Now add the paper – see how muddied Alexander’s got mixed, he started stirring with his toothpick.

Put the paper to dry

Swirled colours

We did this experiment three times they loved it so much and we will probably do it again. I will post pictures of the finished papers we dyed but I don’t have any at the moment.

I found this site ( ) that shows how to do paper marbling techniques. The one with shaving cream Emily and I have done at play group together and we might do that as a family craft one soon.

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  • 1. brittsmitten  |  July 7, 2012 at 11:18 am

    My youngest is learning his colors, and these activities would be perfect. I think I’ll enjoy them as much as he will. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, and the lovely example. I can tell you’re a wonderful mom.


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