Water and colour experiments

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Nothing like doing the same craft again and exploring different areas or extending the exploration.

We’ve actually done that twice this week.

The first one was because on Saturday we went to the beach and explored the rock pools – lots of shells, one fish and no crabs but the children were excited by the treasure I “found” and Alexander was determined to find more chocolate coins.

We also found rubbish and we picked it up and discussed why we should put it in the bin and not in the ocean.  We then decided we would recycle the rubbish – they were empty drink bottles – by creating an ocean in the bottle.  Alexander suggested making the fish out of play doh.  So on Sunday we got out the playdoh and had fun creating.

We then filled the bottles with shells, sea glass (that we found at the beach) and treasure boxes and fish (that we made).

We then filled our bottles and coloured the water green.

I then found out my mistake – the playdoh melted in the water and turned it murky.

So I decided to do it again.  We poured the water out, washed out the bottles and then filled our bottles up with water.  This time we used a marker to make a line where the water level was and then we slowly added our beads and shells (and NO PLAY DOH!) and we watched the water level rise which was exciting and the children had fun using words such as sinking and floating.

This reminded me of the experiment where you make a diver rise and fall with a paper clip, a bendy straw and play doh.  Well I wasn’t using play doh again so I got the blue tac. ( I didn’t cut out a figure as our bottle is too small but this gives a good idea http://findtimeforfun.com/bottle-diver-science-experiment-a-scuba-diver-in-a-bottle/)

A great hint that I didn’t follow the first time was check in a cup that the diver floats.  Mine sank so we had to tip the water out of the bottle AGAIN!!!

We finally did it but I think you really need the 2L bottles because the diver will go up and down further.  My children don’t have the hand strength to make him rise and fall but they love watching me do it.

The other craft we revised were the gel colour bags.

This time I found some bag which zipped closed and some clear packing tape.  I sealed them up and they had fun time squishing and making the colours mixed.  I used paint this time.  I had a hard time actually finding the hair gel for this, all the cheap shops around here weren’t stocking the cheap hair gel..

We then put the colours in rainbow order (like they had explored on Sesame Street earlier this morning) and then of her own accord Emily started counting them and exploring what happens when you take one away.  So it became a maths activity.

Because I was taking photos Emily wanted to as well.


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