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The other day I decided to try this home made watercolour recipe because ours had got muddy and I had thrown them away.  It looked quite easy, I had /most/ of the ingredients on hand – I haven’t stocked up on our food colourings due to all the other experiments we have been doing lately so we had no blue.  I had two paint trays bought from the reject shop a while ago.  Since both kids are at preschool and we go to play group as well we don’t paint as much at home so they haven’t been used much so I was ready to use them for the watercolour experiment.

First job to make the sugar syrup as I didn’t have any corn syrup.  1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water later it was done – I almost made toffee – I probably should have just scooped out the 1 1/2 tsp I needed and kept boiling to make toffee as I ended up with a lot of wastage even after I double the recipe and used 3 tsp.

I don’t actually have photos of us making and mixing, too much fun measuring and mixing and watching it bubble.  Alexander and Emily had fun scooping3 T corn flour and 3 Tbicarb (better put more on the shopping list!) into the measuring jug.  Then the 3 T vinegar.  I actually added the sugar syrup first and not last as the recip

I then used the T measure to scoop the mixture into their paint containers, Emily’s a little overful.  The kids added the colours and stirred with toothpicks.

Alexander has a funny expression here

So we left them to dry (the recipe said 3 hours)

Emily’s was overflowing so I soaked up some of the overflow with kitchen towel, part of me now wishes I didn’t, Alexander’s has a nice sheen, hers seems drier.

This is the results.

Due to being out and about and spending time waiting to see doctors we let them sit a couple of days and today having to cancel our getting out and about activities due to both children having ear infections I got out their books and watercolours.  I bought these oversized books for them to colour in but they only like painting in them.  Perhaps next time we do the water colour painting I will give them blank paper but they had fun painting.  Emily spent longer on it than Alexander, I had fun doing some of the painting too.

They seemed to have dried a little chalky but for intents and purposes just what I wanted and it suited the kids, they had fun colouring and because I know I can make it again I don’t mind them mixing the colours up and getting them murky and dirty.


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