P is for Penguin, Polar Bear, Paint and Potato

July 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm Leave a comment

I decided to try and do the messy paint activities that I found here.  So I got out the white paint and not having black I  mixed blue and red together to create a dark purple for our penguins.

I cut the potatoes in half – if I do this again I will try and cut a bit more carefully so the potato surface is nice and flat to pick up the paint.  We dipped the potato half in the purple paint and stamped this on card to create our penguins. I put Emily in her preschool shirt because it doesn’t matter if that one gets covered in paint since it already is.

After cutting another potato in half we dipped that in white paint to create the white fronts of the penguins.

We used our little pinky fingers in the white paint to create the eyes.

We set those aside to dry to finish later and started on our polar bear prints.

Hands in the white paint and then pressed onto the black card.

We then set those aside, washed our hands and cleared up and went about another activity.

Once they were dry I cut out the penguins and the kids added orange beaks and glued them in their book talking about how some are swimming which is why they are sideways.  We didn’t cut out the polar bears but with brown or pink  pencil they added smiley faces because the bears were happy.

So here are the finished pieces.

Not feeling like the best mother at the moment while writing this.  Due to two weeks of holidays the pair have not really had a break from each other and are arguing and bickering with each other so we have told them they can’t play together for an hour, of course this means they want to so they have either been bothering me or bothering each other.  *sigh* motherhood is made up of moments like these above and now.  of course now when it is time for their hour to be up they are playing quietly by themselves and I don’t want to disturb them.


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