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In a quest to find activities the kids can do together I found a suggestion about doing jigsaw puzzles. So a few times before dinner the kids have sat at the table next to each other completing jigsaw puzzles. They are ones they have done before and solved individually. The first time I didn’t divide the pieces and that was a bit progressive because they fought over the pieces so when I turn the jigsaw out I share out the pieces evenly and that has gone much better and smoother. They have happily completed the puzzles together leaving me freeing in the kitchen, freeing in that the jigsaws are quite easy and they finish quickly.

Today I pulled out some jigsaw pieces we were given when Alexander was a baby. It comes with pattern cards and they have to work it out to get the pieces in the right order.

I am very in love with these pieces now because the children had to talk to each other to solve the puzzle. This meant they used positioning words such as middle, first etc. they were also looking at puzzles where one part of the pattern was blank and they had to work out what went there. We have used this set I the past so I was able to hand the set over and step back and let them talk and solve. I got to clap, high five and take photos.

This could be hand made but its nice having it there and ready to go. You could print out different pictures and have the children sort them out into order.

Very happy with tonight’s activity! No arguing and only one little screech from Emily.




The other activity we enjoy is card games and board games but my quest is to find non-competitive games to help with their bonding and working together.

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