Rain Rain Rain!

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Yesterday it rained and last night and today it has been quite torrential (though as I write this the sun is shining so perhaps it has stopped now).  Of course Alexander had to ask me what is wind and how does it rain.  So I googled it – how does the wind blow!?!  Then we came home and saw for ourselves (rather than mum just saying).

Experiment 1:

I b oiled some water and tipped it into a clear casserole dish – our glasses aren’t very clear and I had no jars with lids so this was the next best thing.  We watched the steam rise.  Before I put the lid on the kids touched it and saw it was dry, they then touched it after I had put it over the steam and we found out it was wet.

Then I had a look in the freezer – ooops we are very low on icecubes!  I had not frozen any due to it being winter.  (This leads to experiment 1 Part B – which says if you twice boil water and then freeze your ice cubes will be clear – but now I remember it is filtered water that needs to be boiled and I used tap – oh well we will see once the water cools, I pour it into the mold and put in the freezer)

I found a few – including some with some hidden surprises.  I put these on the lid and we watched it “rain”  We discussed how did the drops of water get on the lid.  Alexander asked did it go through the hole – but when he had a poke there was no hole.  Did it go over the sides?  I told them that when the water vapour gets cold it turns back to water and when it gets heavy it falls back down.

Testing for holes and seeing if the gummy bears had melted yet.

Then we drew up our experiment.  Talking about the sun heating the water so it rises up as vapour, then it clings together to make clouds and then when they clouds get cold and heavy they drop the water down again.

After this I cut out an r so we could have practise writing rs and since r is for rainbow we used different colours.

We glued them in our book and then drew rain coming out of the r and a rainbow overhead.

Emily wanted to write rainbow like Alexander and was proud of her attempt.

Experiment 2:

I found this on pinterest – Amanda at Artsy_momma.

You need a clear container, food colouring, water and shaving cream. I didn’t have any shaving cream but we did have hair mousse.

I filled up the jar with water, shook the mousse and topped the water.  We have two colours of food colouring so both Alexander and Emily got to squeeze the colour.  I used green and yellow not for any reason but those were the colours we had.

And then we watched it “rain”

Lots of fun.  Alexander’s interest waned about this point but Emily wanted to keep “writing” and drawing.


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