Classic fail

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We were invited to an 18th birthday party for our babysitter. She is also one of the Sunday school teachers. So I wanted to give her a present from the kids and do a test drive for the presents we are going to make for the kids’ preschool teachers.
I did a google search and found that if I use permanent markets and bake the mugs in the oven they should set.
I bought some coloured markers which said they wrote on smooth surfaces and gave the kids a mug each and they had a great time drawing- making up stories as they drew.





After they were finished I put them in the oven, turned it on, baked for half an hour them let cool down in the oven.
I wiped it with a wipe and the writing came off so I baked them again that evening and cross fingers.
Oh we’ll it’s the thought that counts.

There are two ways this failed.
The first is probably the reason. I didn’t thoroughly clean the mugs and so the surface was not clean to take the markets.
The second was perhaps the wrong markers. I found instructions for using sharpies so I thought any permanent markets would do. Perhaps I need to find ceramic markers?

Here are a few sites that I found.  I love the bowl using a stencil and a sharpie.

sharpie dinnerware

How to bake a mug

I also put in a bag of premixed dry ingredients and labelled it with instructions of what to add and how to make a cake on a mug as part of her present.

I looked at a few sites and some people had put a lot of thought into it – one site even said 2Tb of egg – 1 egg being too much 😉

Here’s one recipe – I haven’t made it myself yet.

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