Car cake

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It’s daddy’s birthday and the kids decided he needed a car cake. My friend had bought the silicon car mould from Kmart. I had helped her bake it and we had a fun time with overloading the mould so it toppled over and spilt.

To make my life easier I used two cake mixes rather than from scratch like I usually do. I gave the kids a bowl and mix each and they made their cake mixes.



We then filled the mould.


It didn’t quite fill but when I added extra with my friend that’s when it became top heavy and overflowed. I hoped it would rise enough. I probably should have made from scratch and it might have risen a bit more uniformly. Unfortunately it rose more in the middle and it ended up crumbly and the bonnet breaking off. I had also added chic chips which sank and hurt the uniform look. I chose a butter cake as I thought chocolate too grown as I wanted to ice it with a colourful icing.

I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer.
I got it out today and the two pieces were frozen together and I wasn’t able to join the two pieces together with icing.

I grabbed my container of frosting, two tablespoons of nuttalex and some icing sugar. I was being lazy but about 1/3 – 1/2 a cup. We beat it up and added the food colouring which for the first time I was using natural colours which aren’t as intense as artificial so we ended up with a light green cake. We decorated it with left over lollies from gingerbread house making yesterday.



You can’t even see the cracks or where it fell apart. I would have liked to be a bit more careful with the icing but I had impatient kids.

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