Recount and Museum Visit

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Cake in the oven, trying to convince the kids that Quiet Time is QUIET time, lots of shouting going on between the two rooms and not always fun shouting.

Well tomorrow is the first day of Kindy for Alexander, a big day so on Friday I thought we would go to the Australian Museum because it is the last day we could do something on a weekday in a school term and I was hoping the museum wouldn’t be too crowded.  They were showing an exhibition of Alexander the Great so we HAD to go.  The day turned out cold and windy and rainy, completely unlike the day before.  After a spot of bother trying to find where my husband had left the keys the day before we were off, after a detour to pick up my mum.

Someone had been surprised that I was taking the kids to see it, commenting they wouldn’t get much out of it.  While I was at the museum I thought of this as I was dragging the kids back so they wouldn’t leave mouth and finger marks all over the glass.  The exhibition was crowded and it did try my patience juggling the two kids.  There was a great app for kids that we got about half way through and then the hints seem to disappear.  The kids had to find specific items to “pack” for Alexander the Great.

After the exhibition mum headed to the museum shop and the cafe to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law but I took the children for a further exploration of the museum.  Emily was pleased to find they did have a giraffe (skeleton) at the museum, that was what she was wanting to see.  We didn’t see a woolly mammoth but they did have an elephant skeleton.  They also had a skeleton of a person on a bike and you got to ride a bike next to it to see how the bones moved.  We then headed upstairs and found minerals and futher upstairs we found dinosaur bones.  Emily didn’t like this room too much, the dinosaurs were too big and the lights flashed and thunder rumbled (effects) and cast shadows she didn’t like so we went to look at the stuffed birds and mounted butterflies.  We explored the kids exploration room where there is lots of things for them to touch (YAY!) and we visited the under-5’s museum as well.  Because it wasn’t too busy I thought it didn’t matter if Alexander came in too.  That is a great space where kids can touch, dress up, move things, read books.

Then we headed downstairs to the cafe.  I think they loved this bit the best because their uncle and aunt gave them free play on their iphones.

When we got home (after a horribly way too long drive in the car due to congestion – I forgot about city traffic and back to school and the streets were already clogged at 3pm! – inclement weather and TWO broken down cars in one stretch) we chilled out.  When their daddy got home, he asked them what they had learnt about Alexander the Great.  Their response was coins!  There had been lots of coins that we had looked at and next to the coins was a fun touch screen where you could get close ups on the coins and even rotate them to look at both sides!  So I could see why this would stick in their memory.

Alexander’s teacher last week, after his Best Start Interview, had commented about his recall and we have noticed this at home, in that he needs prompts when recalling events or stories.  So on Sunday I printed off the photos I had taken (none in the Alexander exhibition because no photos allowed).  I hadn’t taken a heap due to that line of – being involved with them/stepping back and taking photos!

I had a photo book (one that takes 10 x 15cm photos) that I had bought on sale so I put the photos in there and wrote a story about their trip.  I alternated the photo and the text. I based it on a book we had been reading – “Maisy Goes to the Museum”.  I won’t write the whole book here, just a couple of pages.

“One rainy day Emily and Alexander went to the museum with their Mummy and Grendy.”

Alexander exhibition(this photos was actually taken at the bus stop with the advertising as we couldn’t take photos inside the exhibition)

First they saw an exhibition about Alexander the Great.  They saw coins, jewellery and statues that were over 2000 years old.  They saw pictures of horses and elephants.  They also saw breastplates and helmets.  (Trying to help them recall what they saw)

DInosaur bonesThey saw lots of skeletons.  They even tried to make one ride a bike!  There was a giraffe skeleton, an elephant skeleton and a snake skeleton.  Look at the enormous bones on this dinosaur skeleton.  Look how small Alexander looks!

dionosaur skullWe got up and close with the skull of a skeleton belonging to a dinosaur.

My what big teeth!

Brightly coloured birds Brightly coloured butterfliesLook at the brightly coloured birds and butterflies!

And so on…

They loved it – it helps them remember and they love looking at photos of themselves.  Their daddy also likes it because he can see what happened while he was hard at work!

I am  hoping this will help Alexander’s recall and he can start writing one with me next time.

Here are some books we read to get us ready for our museum trip (or are still reading now)



There are some great ones out there, these are just the ones we currently have borrowed from the library.




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