The kids are running circles around me

April 20, 2013 at 11:52 am Leave a comment

It’s raining and we’re not venturing outside. We have watched tv, we’ve been painting and Alexander especially is full of energy so while the pair were having morning tea I built an obstacle course.
It worked fine for a while but I think the kids have got too excited when I relaxed the rules and Emily is having a mini breakdown because her bed is messed up because she included it in her obstacle course.
The kids wanted to build their own and I thought it might be good for their working together if they did but Emily built a silly one using her bed and told Alexander he was to sleep in it as part of the course and he messed up her quilt and she got demanding that we HAD to fix it or mummy had to.

When I do it again the bedrooms will be out if bounds so we can avoid this type of thing.

Anyway I started out simple with what I had to hand. We have a pop up tunnel so the kids had to crawl through that.

Then I had a container (fruit bowl) with three juggling squares and they had to toss it in the washing basket.

Them they had to step over a broom stick and step up and down on my wii board, circle around a marker and back over the board, over the stick, toss the beanbags back and back through the timer and I timed it all.
After a few goes of that, they requested longer do I added two dining room chairs which they had to crawl over and under.



This wax great fun trying to beat our PB.

The problem came when I let them design their own and being still young they started adding silly elements.

All is quiet now and I would do it again, just keep a tighter rein on the sillies.


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