Alexander’s birthday present

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Emily seems to do well out of my creations and I’ve been thinking what to make Alexander for his birthday. I have seen on Pinterest of storing toy cars on knife holder magnetic strips. Unfortunately the metal in modern toy cars is negligible and this doesn’t work. I toyed (ha ha) with the idea of attaching magnets to the cars and doing it that way but thin strips don’t have the grip to hold the weight of the card and bigger magnets means you can’t drive the cars anymore.

So next idea was hot glue Velcro strips to the cars.


I originally put the strip lengthwise but that means the cars slide more than roll but if I just put it on the middle section that was enough.

I found a canvas (the last one! Time to buy some more they’ve been so useful) and Emily got to painting. Green for grass and A’s favourite colour.



My first idea was to lay ‘roads’ using felt but I didn’t like how it looked as my felt wasn’t long enough to do a length without a join and because I had cut it thick it just didn’t represent my idea.

I changed ideas and because Alexander us interested in maps I printed out maps of where we live, the new house and other significant places i.e. grandparents’ houses.

I glued this on with Mister Maker’s gloopy glue – craft glue mixed with water. I let dry and over a period of couple of days ( while A was at school) E and I covered the maps with 2 layers of gloopy glue.

I then used the felt to make an A in the middle. Unfortunately this is where I stuffed up. I glued the A on upside down, ie the maps are now the wrong way round.

Here is the finished result. I am pleased with it, I hope A will be.


The banner at the top is perhaps for his cake but I am starting to think it is too big and looks good draped over the canvas.


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