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Easter Egg Hunt

This is definitely an old post but thought I would still post about it.

We did a scavenger hunt for their Easter egg surprises this year.  I bought plastic eggs and we put clues and sometimes a little chocolate easter egg in the egg and stashed them around the house.

We gave them the first egg and they followed the clues around the house.  I had bought them some gum boots because we are coming into winter and wet season and they needed to get some so I thought I would include it as part of their Easter surprise. I wrote and drew the clues so both Emily and Alexander could try to solve it.  The rule was they had to do it together holding hands.


The clues It’s a bit hard to see but it is a picture of our mailbox with the words Go Here!  Also a bad picture of a dog and a dog bowl with the words where Jacky eats (this is where we put their gumboots and the clue was inside one of the boots).  A picture of our BBQ, just the words where our wii games are (wasn’t going to try and draw that one – though I suppose just a rectangle would have done with a slit).  And the last clue was a picture of the fridge saying Time for Breakfast and this is where their Easter basket and eggs were.



With their surprises


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