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Here is the original post about this organiser.

I put this under sewing but there was no sewing involved! There was material though!
I went to the hardware store and bought cup hooks in two different sizes. I debated how many hooks to put on and in the end decided every space between ribbons I would put a hook. I put the two larger at each end and the smaller ones in the middle. We ended up filling all the hooks with her bits and pieces.  All I did was wiggle the hook to create a hole and then I just screwed it around and around (sorry no pics of this)

Here is the finished result hanging in her room.  She has enjoyed taking the bits and pieces off and wearing them and then resorting them to different hooks!





I hung everything on it and then Emily took everything off to wear.

I hung it on the wall with the Velcro strips that supposedly come off the wall when you are done.

Luckily I have an idea of something to make for Alexander’s room since he requested one but a boy one. I also wonder do we need more hair clips to go on it?


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Girl’s hair accessory and jewellery organiser

I was at a friend’s little girl’s birthday the other day and one of the presents made by her sister-in-law inspired me so I came home and googled it and while I could find some pictures I could find no tutorials on how to make it do here is my attempt.

Start with a canvas. I had one in the wardrobe which had come in a three pack when I had done the sibling tree craft with my kids. I had purchased it cheaply from our local discount shop The Reject Shop. I padded it with quilters batting (already in craft supplies).

Then I found some fabric that I had recently bought with Emily helping me ie She chose it.

I glued the batting down, lay the fabric right side down and placed the canvas on top. I then used packers tape to hold the fabric taut as I tried to figure out the corners. If I make another, I still have to work out the best way to cut the corners. I just sliced off the corner but not convinced this was the best way.

Especially since it was a bit raggedy.
Once I had it all taped to my satisfaction, I turned it right side up to work out how I wanted the ribbons to look, what colours, what patterns.

That’s Emily’s hands “helping” me.

Once I had chosen the colours I had Emily find a ruler so I could try and work out even spacings. More or less.


I purchased an upright stapler used for stapling to walls from an office supply shop. I bought the cheapest one and it did work. The staples aren’t in all the way but they are holding the fabric and ribbons down.


I can’t say this is the finished article as I need to get to the shops to buy curtain hooks so we can hang her hair bands, necklaces and jewellery from it and I also need to hang it on a wall at her height.
Here she is putting her clips on it.



She thinks it is a great game to play with it, good fine motor skills but I really need to get it on a wall.  She has trodden on it once and the canvas has ripped but thankfully not all the way through the batting or the material on the front.


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