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Dolls House Furniture

We were gifted with a beautiful wooden dolls house sans furniture. What to do? What to do? I started browsing the internet to get inspiration and this is what I found…

Some websites I browsed for inspiration
Dining Room Furniture
A box dolls house
I didn’t use these ones but just found it and I might use it for more inspiration
dollshouse furniture out of cardboard
Make your own dollshouse and furniture

Then I looked around my house to see what I could find. I found egg cartons that we’d been painting, I found some random boxes and some material and I got to work.

It is still a work in progress but here is the house so far:

The Living Room

The couch is made from a box that a power adapter came in with an extra piece of cardboard to make the back a bit higher because the dolls kept falling back off the couch. The seating part is some felt I had which I sewed (hand sewed with basic running stitch into a bag – if I can do it anyone can!) into a bag shape, turned inside out and put some wadding in and sewed close and voila!

The table was a lid from a milk carton hot glue gunned onto an empty cotton reel (you can see it is a bit skewiff but it doesn’t matter when right side up)

The Kitchen

I still haven’t made the stove or anything for the kitchen. The fridge is a little incomplete. The plan is to not throw out the junkmail and cut out a picture of a fridge and stick it on the inside. I do have a freezer shelf so if we get minature food it can go in the freezer. The fridge is a tall medicine box, just sliced a door and then cut it 1/4 way down to make a fridge door and freezer door. Some decorations by me and some by son. Oh I also wrapped white paper around the fridge so it didn’t look like a medicine box but a fridge.

Kitchen sink.
I realised that the photo of the kitchen actually had the bathroom sink in the picture and the kitchen sink was in the fridge so here is a picture of both of them. They are made out of egg cartons, some cardboard taped around them to help them stand up and the top of a bendy straw to make the tap.

That’s the bottom floor for today… I will do the other two floors another day but have someone wanting their turn on the computer and time for me to do something else.


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