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Hopefully Last Post on Friday Fun Day

So recycling crayons. I had read this was a fun way of recycling those odds and ends. I didn’t want to risk the mould I had in the oven as it said it wasn’t dishwasher safe so I figured it wouldn’t be oven safe so I lined my muffin tray with muffin liners. Next time I would use two as there was leakage. It also smelt (almost set off the smoke detectors) as I probably left it in a little long. What I read online said 10 minutes but they were ready before 10 minutes. Another site did it in the microwave and then poured it into the moulds which might be the way to go. I didn’t stir them so the light colours rose and dark were at the bottom. The kids find them a little hard to handle to get them to colour right.

Anyway first we sorted them out into their colours

After being in the oven

Finished result

Alexander colouring in

If you want to make your own recycled crayons here are some other web sites

And that’s it. We did a couple of other fun things and I was exhausted by the end of the day but that is the end of the post about Friday Fun Day. If I do this again, I definitely want to do shaped crayons.


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More on Friday

Not sure how this is going to go. I didn’t put Emily down for her nap today as we got home late from church and our picnic at the light rail museum but just in her room for quiet time and she isn’t being very quiet and she isn’t very happy about it. She is at least quiet now but it is almost time for quiet time to be over and I haven’t posted anything. We need to make a Father’s Day card and wrap a father’s day present when they come out of their rooms.

This week at Alexander’s preschool the letter of the week is x so I thought I would do some crafts about that. The first one I found an x-ray of Daniel’s chest and showed it to the children and we counted ribs. Then we used paddle pop sticks for the spine and the ribs. Emily just used every colour and Alexander made a colour pattern.

Then we made x for xylophone. I printed out a large x on the computer, Emily coloured it in with crayons while Alexander decided just to write X over it. Then using the paddlepops I cut them down to size and following the xylophone we had which had the keys in rainbow colour order we ordered it that way. We then made an x with crossed chopsticks. I will have to say this wasn’t my idea, I found it on (guess where!) No time for flashcards, though I used the paddlepop sticks instead of foam cutouts.

Emily’s xylophone

Alexander’s xylophone

Lots of fun with glue. While doing this craft we found lots of broken crayons and we decided to recycle them but Alexander is here at my elbow and it is after 3 and Emily is playing nicely but time to make that Father’s Day card, so I will have to post about that tomorrow.

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