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Fabric Barn

I was going to make Emily a dollshouse still having some of those cute iron on patches but when I keep falling over her horses and then the other day she told me when she was big she wanted a farm with horses I decided to make her a barn.

I made a couple of mistakes so I am not satisfied with it and will have to make another til I get it right 😉  Emily seems pleased and is currently trying to put her trains in there with her horses.

First the horses needed to be brushed.

Here is the barn with her ponies

More ponies – I meant to include something like a pocket to store their brushes but I forgot

And the outside… still debating adding detail such as the barn door.


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Dolls House Furniture

We were gifted with a beautiful wooden dolls house sans furniture. What to do? What to do? I started browsing the internet to get inspiration and this is what I found…

Some websites I browsed for inspiration
Dining Room Furniture
A box dolls house
I didn’t use these ones but just found it and I might use it for more inspiration
dollshouse furniture out of cardboard
Make your own dollshouse and furniture

Then I looked around my house to see what I could find. I found egg cartons that we’d been painting, I found some random boxes and some material and I got to work.

It is still a work in progress but here is the house so far:

The Living Room

The couch is made from a box that a power adapter came in with an extra piece of cardboard to make the back a bit higher because the dolls kept falling back off the couch. The seating part is some felt I had which I sewed (hand sewed with basic running stitch into a bag – if I can do it anyone can!) into a bag shape, turned inside out and put some wadding in and sewed close and voila!

The table was a lid from a milk carton hot glue gunned onto an empty cotton reel (you can see it is a bit skewiff but it doesn’t matter when right side up)

The Kitchen

I still haven’t made the stove or anything for the kitchen. The fridge is a little incomplete. The plan is to not throw out the junkmail and cut out a picture of a fridge and stick it on the inside. I do have a freezer shelf so if we get minature food it can go in the freezer. The fridge is a tall medicine box, just sliced a door and then cut it 1/4 way down to make a fridge door and freezer door. Some decorations by me and some by son. Oh I also wrapped white paper around the fridge so it didn’t look like a medicine box but a fridge.

Kitchen sink.
I realised that the photo of the kitchen actually had the bathroom sink in the picture and the kitchen sink was in the fridge so here is a picture of both of them. They are made out of egg cartons, some cardboard taped around them to help them stand up and the top of a bendy straw to make the tap.

That’s the bottom floor for today… I will do the other two floors another day but have someone wanting their turn on the computer and time for me to do something else.

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