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Too early for Christmas crafts


Christmas angel using foot prints and hand prints

Not my original idea. A friend of mine said she had seen it on the Internet and suggested to me.

Easily done with some ink pads. Emily stepped on it then on the paper.

Then we inked up her hands and I turned the paper each way to make it easier.

I did the face and hair. Next time I will get her to do it but we just testing it out.

My friend made a reindeer using hands for antlers and the foot for the face.


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Adding Flowers

We haven’t finished putting flowers on our tree but I thought I would post what we do have.

Flower One: Hand Flowers

Due to this being about cooperation I decided to make flowers from our hands (or fingers if we are going for an f theme)

I traced around Emily and Alexander’s hands and they cut them out.  If I had been thinking I wouldn’t have let them choose their own colour since they chose the same but that’s ok.  (hrm perhaps that’s where Alexander gets the saying from)

Emily had been given some jagged edge scissors so we were using these to cut out our flowers

When they had cut them out, I glued one of Emily’s hands together and one of Alexander’s.  Well I think I used a combo of 2 to 1 (2 of one person, 1 of the other and vice versa).  I talked about how we use our  hands to help each other.

The branches I found in the garden and pruned off our gardenia tree.  I added the flowers with blue tac.  I also traced my hand on some green to add some other colour.

Flower Two: Feet Flowers (More F words!)

I had Alexander trace around Emily’s feet and cut out her feet and Emily traced around Alexander’s feet and cut his feet out.

Out came the scissors with different edges and we cut out more of our flowers.  I talked about using our feet to help not hurt (no kicking over others toys – Emily is very partial to this).

I glued their feet together and created the flowers.

I’m not sure what the next flowers are going to be made of.

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