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Y is for yellow

I don’t have any photos of Emily creating this masterpiece because I was using the time to just let her colour while I did a little tidy. In two more weeks Emily will be going to pre school on Wednesdays but the mornings are still free at the moment after dropping her brother off at pre school. I want to get her to recognise the letters of her name and her name so we were up to the last letter today – y. Last year we did y for yellow and y for yak and yoyo so she is pretty good at recognising y. Today she asked for a banana so I talked to her about what colour bananas are in the car ride home.
When I got home I traced around the banana to make a lowercase y and pulled out every yellow pencil and crayon we have and told Em to colour in. Because the last few letters we have been doing she traced the letter she didn’t want to colour in but trace as well which was fine. I then dug out yellow bits and pieces and she/we glued them on.
I am sure if I had got the paint out she would have coloured it in but I wanted a simple not very messy craft today.



On a different background it stands out more.
I realised during this craft that I had to teach Emily how to actively rip paper when I told her to rip the paper smaller to glue on and she tried to tug and pull it apart.

Happy crafting.


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The Letter of the Day is “y”

Today the kids were sick so I really didn’t want Emily sneezing over people and so we decided to stay at home and mum had to scramble for activities to do so we weren’t stuck in front of the tv because of course my favourite activities were no gos. No cooking – because I am sure there would be coughing and sneezing, not much out door play because they love their water play and I didn’t really want them to get wet.

So since Alexander is doing y words at preschool this week we did y and Alexander told me what words he knew and I did a quick computer search.

Y is for yellow, yolk, yak and yoyo.
I found this website with a Yak Toilet Paper Roll Craft
I printed off the black and white template because then the kids got to paint or crayon it yellow. While we waited for the paint to dry we did this y collage. I grabbed everything yellow I could find, yellow stickers, a yellow paddlepop stick, yellow card and then some string to make a yoyo. The cottonwool bud is yellow from a semi failed activity of watercolouring. The idea came from here Where they use pegs to pick up pieces of cotton wool balls and put them in water and then in paint. I couldn’t get the amount of water right and then the wool started sticking to the paint.

Anyway that was to keep them occupied while I gathered the other stuff for our “y” activities.

Here are the collages we made – I printed out a dotted y on the computer. Alexander traced the y with the cottonwool ball yellow paint, trying to write it properly and Emily did a good go and tracing it as well. Then onto the sticking, ripped paper (I helped Emily rip the circle for her yo yo). She ran out of yellow stickers that she stuck on each dot and wated to move onto the blue stickers but instead we used the paddlepop stick to do part of the y, then we ripped some more paper.

The string they had fun gluing down and using glue to stick down the paper.
You can’t see the string too well in the scan unfortunately.
Emily’s Y

Alexander’s Y

And here are our yaks, I had to do the fine cutting, I couldn’t find any toddler safe scissors from where I had hidden them. Alexander and Emily had fun with the glue again here.

We did some other colouring in from pages I found on the net – yawn and yolk.
Then for lunch we continued the yellow theme.
I got out the yellow plates and egg cups. We had runny eggs, yellow cheese for lunch and yoghurt to follow.
Not Emily’s best look but she is very stuffed up and runny nosed and the flash always seems to take a long time and she has finished “cheesing” by the time the picture takes.

So that was our morning. We came inside to find pictures of yaks, but none of our books had it. My book about animals around the world talked about them but didn’t show us a picture. Alexander’s ABC animal picture book had a picture of a yellow robin not a yak.

So here are some websites with yaks
Project Himalaya

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